Four local Artists Featured in Sculpture Key West

Sculpture Key West kicked off its annual exhibition in various locations around Key West, and this year the festival features four locals: Randy Detrick, Jiwan Noah Singh, Jon McIntosh and  Susan Johnson.  The exhibition opened January 15th and will be on view until April 15th. You can catch these wonderful pieces in scenic locations all around the city; the festival is definitely  worth checking out when you visit the Island.  Here are photos of the four local artist’s pieces, more to come as they become available.

Jiwan Noah Singh

SKW 2011, Ft. Zachary Taylor Historic State Park

Title:  Hard Place, 2011

Material: Large rock, FM radio transmissions.

from Woodstock, VT and Key West, FL

This large, breathing granite rock was selected by the artist and placed on location overlooking Key West’s main shipping channel.  Get out your FM radio and tune into the frequency posted.

Randy Detrick

SKW 2011, Ft. Zachary Taylor Historic State Park

Living-Room, 2011

Steel, composite material; 2 units, 3’ x 4 ‘ picture frames, variable height

Key West, FL

Welcome to the Living Room, where the viewer decides what subject matter is contained within the floating frames.

Jon McIntosh

SKW 2011, Ft. Zachary Taylor Historic State Park

#2 Tree, 2011

Wood, steel, paint, canvas; 13’ tall, various widths

Key West, FL

Illustration, a significant vocation of this artists past is the inspiration for this humorous three dimensional pun on the growth of the artist within.

Susan Johnson

SKW 2011, Key West Garden Club at West Martello Tower

Wall of Wisdom, 2011

Cement vermiculite blocks in various dimensions:  33″  x 78″ x  6″ overall

Key West, FL

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