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Today’s Weather at Parrot Key

It’s 74°F and sunny today at Parrot Key with a light wind coming in from the Northeast. The constant Northeast wind has swept away all of the seaweed and other debris from the beaches over the last couple of days. It’s going to be sunny all week and we also have a full moon coming, so day or night this is a great time to head to the shore. Sunset today is at 6:22 pm, festivities at Mallory Square are expected to start around 4:30 pm.

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Today’s Weather at Parrot Key

Today in Key West we have sun and clear skies all day with a chance of clouds later in the day. The temperature will be 67°F with 7mph wind from the northeast.   This is perfect weather for fishing, clouds and a light wind produce great results for tuna, snapper and mackerel.

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Fishing Report: Tarpon have Arrived

Tarpon season has officially begun in Key West. Warm weather has raised water temperatures and baitfish are in abundance. The tarpon are feeding heavily in the backcountry and flats. Tarpon are one of the strongest sports fish in the Keys, prized for their powerful hits and arm wrenching fights full of jumps and runs. They can be hooked on the fly or traditional gear all over the flats and backcountry. Either way, this will be the fight of your life. Parrot Key staff will be happy to help you reserve a trip with the very best guides in the Keys.

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Upcoming Event: Gardenfest

This friday marks the 75th Anniversary of the Key West Botanical Garden, celebrated all of this weekend during Gardenfest 2011.  Key West supports the only tropical climate in the contiguous United States and has a unique botanical garden.  Friday night is the members-only gala, but Saturday and Sunday are open to the public.   Expect to see an array of special events throughout the weekend, including a beer garden on both Saturday and Sunday evening. In addition, sightseeing trolleys will be making a special stop at the garden for the duration of the event.  For more information click here

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Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day from Parrot Key Hotel and Resort! We Sincerely hope you and your valentine have a romantic holiday.

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Key West Events: The Temptations

The remarkable harmony of The Temptations returns to Key West this wednesday at the Tennessee Williams Theatre.  The astounding 40 year career of this group includes 44 top ten hits and over 80 billboard singles, very much not an event to miss. The Tennessee Williams Theatre is a short cab ride from Parrot Key which any of our front desk agents would be pleased to help with.  Tickets are available here.

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Todays Weather at Parrot Key Hotel and Resort

It’s a beautiful day at Parrot Key today, 70°F and sunny with some small clouds.  This is perfect weather for tanning, walking around the city, or ocean sports.  If you do go fishing these are conditions that are great for all three mackerel species, or for trying to pick up some tuna.  Reef fishing will be a little harder because the wind is blowing at a steady 14 mph, so chop might make some it difficult for those who get seasick.

Tonight sunset is at 6:21 PM, the sunset performances will start around 4:30.

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Nightlife Update: Hogs Breath Saloon

Hogs Breath Saloon is one of the Key West staples for good drinks and entertainment.  Famous for their home made bikini contest in the fall and lively atmosphere all year, they host live music every day and night of the week. You can always check in on their webcam here, or the schedule here.  This week’s performers include:

Ken Fairbrother, Jimmy Parish, Van Winkles, Zack Seemiler, chris cook, john Nemeth, Joel Nelson, Geoffrey & Lennox, Kenny & Cuda Show

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Sunset Festival Performers: Dominique’s Circus Cats

One of the most interesting and original parts of Sunset festival, and probably its longest running act, is Dominique the Catman and his Flying Circus Cats. Growing up in Key West Dominique’s act was my absolute favorite.  This act is like nothing else you can imagine; it includes cat acrobatics, cat herding, cat comedy, flaming rings, tightropes, juggling and much more.  Dominique is an expert performer himself, telling jokes, keeping all of his performers moving at once, and making sure everyone is very entertained.  Parrot Key is only a short bike or cab ride away from Mallory square, where you can catch the Catman almost every day for three performances before, during, and after sunset.  Trust me, it’s well worth seeing.

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