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Weekly Weather Report, May 14-20

It’s that time of year in Key West, when weather reports begin to forecast hot, sunny skies– with a chance of thunderstorms hovering at around 30% daily. Don’t fret! This doesn’t mean you need to start unpacking the board games and scheduling rainy day trips to the movies. Here in the tropics, it’s not unusual for there to be a 30% chance of rain each day. When they do occur, these brief thunderstorms are usually a quick, intense burst of rain that neverĀ interrupts the day for very long. In fact, they’re usually quite refreshing!

With humidity levels usually hovering around 70%, it can feel like you’re swimming down Duval Street…until a short break of rain swoops in to cool everything down. So when you see the weather report calling for scattered storms, don’t cancel your day at the beach– just bring a dry towel and relax, sit back and enjoy the show. It’ll be over in a minute or two, and that blazing sun will be back to dry you off in a jiffy. It’s the island way!

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Key West Secrets

Tucked away at the back of an overflowing Caribbean handicrafts store lies one of our favorite Key West secrets: the delightfully kitschy Casa Antigua Garden tour. Behind the looming facade of 314 Simonton Street, through the overflowing artisan shop and a few back-room storage areas, visitors suddenly enter a literal oasis– complete with lush tropical foliage, an impressive orchid collection and a booming, theatrical audio tour to narrate the space. You’d never know it from the street, but this massive building has quite the storied history; both Hemingway’s first residence in Key West and the place where he penned A Farewell to Arms, Casa Antigua also served as a hotel, car dealership and even a brothel in years prior. Now the permanent residence and offices of Key West’s favorite must-read tabloid, Conch Color, visitors are still welcome to sneak through to the interior courtyard for the lowly sum of two dollars, where they can sit back, relax, and enjoy one of the most exclusive self-guided garden tours Key West has to offer. We love stealing away for a few minutes to sit beneath the giant palms and imagine ourselves back in Hemingway’s time. Truly a wonderful place to spend a quiet afternoon.

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