Free Plant Clinic

If your thumb is more green than brown and you can’t seem to keep even the hardiest of plastic plants alive, fear not: a free Plant Clinic is being held today from 1:00pm to 4:00pm. Find out firsthand why your garden wilts instead of flourishes, why your friends refuse to let you plant sit, or what exactly keeps eating all your begonias (you thought it was the neighbors, but alas: they have an alibi!)

Anyone with gardening problems or questions is invited to receive free guidance from Monroe County master gardeners, who will be on site to identify common problems, suggest solutions, and more. Just head over to the Extension Office in the Gato Building, located at 1100 Simonton St., second floor, Suite 2-260.
For more information, visit http://monroe.Ifas.Ufl.Edu.

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