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Johnny Appleseed Day @ Cork & Stogie

Celebrate Johnny Appleseed Day the way Johnny himself would have wanted it: with a delicious evening of wine pairings with apples, cheese, apple pie and more, hosted by Duval St’s own Cork & Stogie Bar. Singing hymns and pot-shaped hats are optional, of course, but having fun is mandatory: swing by Cork & Stogie tonight at 1218 Duval Street any time after 6:00pm and save us a slice of that apple pie!

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Florida Keys Birding and Wildlife Festival

Today marks the beginning of the 14th annual Florida Keys Birding and Wildlife Festival, which runs from September 25th through the 30th and covers a wide range of activities that any birding or wildlife enthusiast will enjoy.

A simple, one-time $5 registration at gets you access to a fascinating schedule of activities, from guide-led bird walks to wildlife & nature photography classes. While some events require an additional donation (such as the sunset sail aboard the Jolly II Rover, a truly beautiful trip) there is certainly an event to fit every budget. For the full list of activities, visit and start planning your days!


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“The Breakfast Club” Screening Tonight!

Talk about a blast from the past. One of the most iconic (and most loved) cult films of the 80’s, John Hughes’ quintessential High School flick about a group of ill-matched teens brought together in detention was an instant classic upon its release in 1985. Catch Molly Ringwald, Emilio Estevez, Ally Sheedy, Judd Nelson and more– tonight, for one night only! Screening starts at 7:00; get there early for a wide array of snacks and beverages.

To catch the show, simply head down to Key West’s favorite little movie theatre, The Tropic Cinema, located at 416 Eaton Street. We’ll see you there!

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The Porch hosts Home Brewers Competition Tonight

Stop in at The Porch tonight between 5:00 and 8:00pm to watch as Key West’s home brewers battle to prove their excellence! Sample the best of Key West’s mini breweries, judge your favorites and enjoy a raffle, great drinks, and a laid back, fun-loving crowd. We’re big fans of The Porch here at Parrot Key Resort– we think you’ll enjoy their easy atmosphere, which makes a great respite from the hustle and bustle of Duval St. when needed. $15 suggested donation at the door.

The Porch is located at 429 Caroline Street.

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Studios of Key West Opening Tonight

The Studios of Key West will host the opening reception for their new showcase, “Emerge,” tonight at 6:00pm.

Enjoy the premiere of written, performed and visual art presented by TSKW studio artists and their invited guests. “Emerge” marks a collaboration between TSKW artists and emerging artists, invited by residents to show their work along side their own.

Swing by the studios for your first glimpse of this exciting exhibition, which runs through November 10th. You can find the TSKW at 600 White St.

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Bike Week Continues!

Bike Week Continues with a host of fun activities that everyone will enjoy.

First swing by the Duval Street Party, open 11am through 2am. This bike-centric fiesta will see Duval and Greene Street closed for motorcycle parking only (motorcycles must have orange wrist band on right hand mirror stem.)

Then put on your dancing shoes and head down to the Schooner Wharf Bar tonight for “The Hog Roast Welcome Party” from 5pm to Midnight, with local favorites Midnight Betty Fox & the Dirty Bastards Band hitting the stage at 7:00 for a groovy set of mix of  soul-soaked blues and funk!

What are you waiting for? Get on out there and have some hog-themed fun!

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Bike Week returns to Key West!

Bike Week is back!

Celebrate the 5th Annual Bike Week with tonight’s activities, beginning with a Bar Stroll & Upper Duval Crawl at 5:00 pm. Starting at the Southernmost Beach Café, participating crawl-ers will receive a commemorative t-shirt and a map of participating bars on the stroll. Follow the map to free drinks and fun! Tickets are $25.00 
For more information, call 305-296-6577.

Later, head over to Cowboy Bill’s Saloon, located at 610 Duval Street. This Western-themed bar will be hosting “Fast Wheels & High Heels” at 9:30pm. Enjoy drinks, live music, a  “Bar Top Contest,”
a “Biker Babe Sexy Bull Riding Contest” and more– with cash prizes awarded to winners!

Grab your leather, start up the Harley and we’ll see you on the streets!

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Coyote Ugly Opens on Duval St. Tonight


You saw the movie. Maybe you even read the article way back in ’97. And even if you’re clueless, you’ve probably heard whispers of a special, mystical kind of bar… where the bartenders are beautiful, ruthless, take-no-prisoners, whiskey-slinging kind of crazy girls who dance on the bar to country classics and will spray a man in the face with water if he asks for a glass of H2O instead of a shot of Jameson.

That mystical bar has their hard opening tonight: trek down to Duval Street (where else?) and feast your eyes on Coyote Ugly, the Key West branch. Starting at 9:00pm you’ll get to sing, dance, scream and holler alongside some of the wildest gals this little island has to offer, with drink specials and surprises lined up to make this opening one of the most memorable Duval St. has ever seen. Just don’t go ordering something like a frozen mango daiquiri, or else…well…just remember we warned you.

Coyote Ugly, opening tonight at 218 Duval. Visit for more info.

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Vaccination Day

Nothing throws a wrench in a perfect vacation like an illness in the family– do your part to avoid this unhappy circumstance by stopping by the Monroe County Health Department’s walk-in vaccination clinic today to get your Tdap vaccination.

The department holds walk-in Tdap vaccination clinics between 2 to 4 p.m. on Tuesdays and between 10 a.m. to noon on Fridays. Vaccinations are given at the Gato Building, located at 1100 Simonton St., Key West. (While the clinic is a walk-in clinic, specific appointments may be scheduled by calling 305-809-5603.)

Vaccinations are given without cost, with recipients asked to bring an insurance card or proof of income if possible.

Protect your family and keep others safe by stopping by the clinic today!

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“Back to School” Screening Tonight at the Tropic!



Looking for something to do tonight in Key West? How about catching a one night only screening of the 80’s classic comedy “Back to School” starring Rodney Dangerfield? With supporting acts like Robert Downey Jr., Burt Young, and even a cameo by Kurt Vonnegut, this all star cast does a fantastic job of telling the story of a well-meaning business man who enrolls in college to encourage his young son.

As usual, this cheeky comedy is only playing for one night in one place: the Tropic Cinema theatre at 416 Eaton St., downtown Key West! Screening starts at 7:00pm; Get there early for good seats and maybe an extra slice of frozen key lime pie.


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