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Fantasy Fest Has Officially Begun…

Well, it’s official.

The streets are filled with adults dressed like swarthy pirates, pouty princesses and the occasional dominatrix. The delicious food and rollicking music of Goombay has sadly left Petronia St. (If anyone asks, we had two bowls of conch salad…not three.) And the inimitable Zombie Bike Ride careened into town last night, with thousands of people dressed in their undead best taking over the streets and stopping traffic (much to the dismay of some drivers– sorry, pizza delivery guy! We’re guessing that order is going to be free.) Much like the signs of the biblical apocalypse, these few events signify the beginning of this year’s A-CONCH-Alypse: That’s right, people. Fantasy Fest 2012 is finally here.

The full schedule of barely-clothed, costumed, too-crazy-to-believe events can be found here: http://www.fantasyfest.com/schedule.cfm

Today’s fun and fabulous affairs include an epic burlesque show with a dramatic title: THE BATTLE OF BONE ISLAND: THE ULTIMATE SHOWDOWN OF GOOD VS. EVIL. Tickets and event information can be found here.

We also love the always awesome Pinking of You fundraiser, where local celebrities and tourists come together to bid on some of the most artistic undergarments we’ve ever laid eyes on, with proceeds to support Womankind. Womankind works tirelessly to provide breast cancer education, clinical breast exams, counseling, and a bevy of other affordable women’s health offerings to women of all socioeconomic brackets.

The Pinking of You fundraiser begins at 6:00 PM over at 245 Front Street. For more information, including ticket prices, visit http://womankindkeywest.com/

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