Daily Archives: October 23, 2012

Fantasy Fest Continues…

Today’s Fantasy Fest schedule includes the famous Headdress Ball & Competition, a burlesque show, and a celebration of mankind’s greatest achievement: the Tutu.

Make sure you’re on Duval this evening to catch all the fun (including a 1 mile race in which all participants will be wearing– you guessed it! — tutus.) With live music, crazy costumes and the best people watching in the world, you’d be crazy not to stop by to check it out.

In the mood for something a little less hectic? Need a place to bring the kids that’s free of burlesque? The Tropic Cinema on Eaton St. is showing a 3D screening of the celebrated new flick “Frankenweenie,” which– though it sounds like an event straight off the Fantasy Fest schedule– we’ve been assured is just a family-friendly, good natured film.

The full schedule of Fantasy Fest’s events can be found here:¬†http://www.fantasyfest.com/schedule.cfm


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