Old Hip Hop & Funky Beats Night at The Porch

Looking  for something to do that’s a little different tonight?

Feel the urge to relax with a cold drink while the pleasing rhymes of old school rap float through your ears?

Us, too.

We’ll meet you at The Porch, located at 429 Caroline Street, for their inaugural “Old Hip Hop & Funky Beats” night, beginning tonight at 10:00pm.

The Porch is a true locals gem, a sprawling conch-style house directly off Duval St. with– you guessed it– the perfect front porch for putting your feet up. With a wine & beer list that will take you until next Monday to finish reading, this is definitely a bar that offers a different product than, say, Fat Tuesday. (Not that we don’t all love a frozen banana daiquiri from time to time.) The Porch is the perfect place to unwind and share a few laughs with some friends…which is what we’ll be doing in Key West tonight.

It’s a short cab or bike ride away from our own Key West hotel, and with ample bike parking out front there’s just no reason to stay away tonight.

TGIF, indeed.

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