The Flock Has Come To Roost…

If you’re downtown this afternoon and notice a particularly large number of Margaritaville tshirts, here’s why: the Parrot Heads have returned to Key West.

Parrot Heads, the superfans of Jimmy Buffet, converge upon Key West for a long weekend each November, and today marks the beginning of that special celebration. With parties, competitions, music and bar crawls scheduled by the official fan club (more information can be found at these “Parrot Heads in Paradise” sure know how to have a good time. Whether you’re new to the Buffet discography or an old fan who knows every word, you’ll certainly get a kick out of this wacky, good-natured celebration.

Make sure to swing by Duval Street’s Margaritaville CafĂ© and remember: having at least one cheeseburger in paradise while you’re here is an important rite of passage.

For more information and a schedule of events visit the official Parrot Heads in Paradise website:

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