End of the World Party

Here at Parrot Key Hotel and Resort, we have an announcement to make: we do not think that tonight is the end of the world. We know it’s an unpopular opinion to have, but we’re coming clean. There’s just too much fun stuff going on this season for the world to end. But that doesn’t mean we don’t love a good apocalypse party now and again.

So, join us at Cowboy Bill’s tonight for their End of the World Party, hosted by¬†104.9, The X Radio and WEYW 19, is definitely the place to be tonight– regardless of whether you believe it’s your last night on earth.

This Western-themed Key West bar features everything you’d want for your last night alive– because riding a mechanical bull before the apocalypse comes is definitely not negotiable. With live music, prizes, drink specials and dancing, you’d be silly to miss this celebratory bash. So head on over to Cowboy Bills, located at 618 Duval Street, and prepare to party.

Mayan costume optional, of course.


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