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Todays Weather at Parrot Key Hotel and Resort

It’s a beautiful day at Parrot Key today, 70°F and sunny with some small clouds.  This is perfect weather for tanning, walking around the city, or ocean sports.  If you do go fishing these are conditions that are great for all three mackerel species, or for trying to pick up some tuna.  Reef fishing will be a little harder because the wind is blowing at a steady 14 mph, so chop might make some it difficult for those who get seasick.

Tonight sunset is at 6:21 PM, the sunset performances will start around 4:30.

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Fishing Report

Fishing reports have started coming in.  All of the Mackerel species have moved in and the fishing is really heating up for them. Look for King Fish, Spanish Mackerel and their big cousin the Wahoo. This is really dynamic and exciting fishery, highly suggested if you have never tried it. Expect to see explosive hits and really fast-paced fights.  Good numbers of Tarpon have been seen moving into the flats; their season looks to be shaping up really well. Mutton snapper have been a little slow (at least for the writer last Thursday) but plenty of Yellowtail and sporadic tuna.  Really exciting season so far, and it’s just getting better.  As always, the front desk can help you make reservations with the best guides for whatever fishery you want to target.

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