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Key West Weather and Sunset for this Weekend

Key West is cooling a little this weekend to 70 degrees (warmest in America!).  There will be some clouds and a little rain, but in general it should be very nice, with a full week of sun starting Monday.  Sunset is going to be at about 6:20. The festivities at Mallory Square will be starting at around 4:00, or if you prefer a more intimate setting, Parrot Key’s Sunset Pier is now open for guests.

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Today’s Weather at Parrot Key

Today’s Weather and Sunset at Parrot Key Hotel and Resort:

74° F Partly Cloudy falling to 68° F tonight

Light Winds with partial clouds clearing up later in the day

Sunset at 6:18 PM,  Sunset Festival starts at 4:00

Another gorgeous day in paradise!

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