“Raising Arizona” Tonight at the Tropic!

It’s a Monday night in Key West, which means you could head down to Duval St. and get lost in the crowds, stop by Mallory Square for Sunset Festival…or you could swing by the Tropic Cinema for one of their classic movies! Tonight we’ll be doing the latter.

Why not grab some popcorn and catch a Coen Brothers comedy at the Tropic tonight? “Raising Arizona,” the 1987 cult classic that has since been rated one of The American Film Institute’s funniest movies, stars Nicolas Cage and Holly Hunter as a couple who would do just anything to have a child. With John Goodman and Frances McDormand rounding out an all-star cast, this film is one for the ages.

“Raising Arizona” at the Tropic Cinema, located at 416 Eaton St., tonight at 7:00.

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