A Little Rain Won’t Stop These Parties…

We’re truly in the thick of Fantasy Fest now, with some of the weeks’ craziest parties happening tonight.

Don’t feel like picking one? Why not try them all– you are on vacation, after all!

First up, the annual Pretenders in Paradise party has a super creepy theme this year: Zombie Nation Vacation! Don your best blood-soaked t-shirt and gaping wounds and head over to the Pier House at 1 Duval Street for this incredible party and costume contest. The fun starts at 8:00!

In the mood for something with a little less gore? Why not brush off your old graphing calculator, hike up those white socks and crash the Nerd Party that The Porch is throwing tonight at 9:00– with DJ’d music and snacks, this is one geek fest that’s sure to be light on the Algebra and heavy on the fun. The Porch is located at 429 Caroline St. (Just follow the pack of guys wearing star trek uniforms and pocket protectors.)

Haven’t seen what you’re looking for, yet? You’re in luck: two more excellent costume parties are happening tonight. Hit up the Tarts & Vicars party being held at Nine One Five if you’re feeling a bit sacred (or profane!)…the fun starts at 10:00pm over at 915 Duval St.

Or else grab your cape, hop in the batmobile and hightail it over to Rumor Lounge, located at 430 Greene St, for their Sexy Superheroes costume party! DJ’d music and dancing begins at 10:00pm. Superpowers not included.

The schedule is packed, the fun is imminent, and a little rain never stopped us from having a fantastic time at Fantasy Fest. What are you waiting for? Start getting your costume ready– we’ll see you out there!


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