Haunted Fort Zachary Taylor Opens Tonight

Last year during the opening of the Haunted Fort Zachary Taylor haunted house we witnessed a group of teenage boys–who moments before entering the Fort had displayed full braggadocio behavior, boasting that they certainly wouldn’t be frightened by some little old Halloween event– sprint at full speed, screaming their lungs off, from the interiors of the haunted house. They kept running until they hit the parking lot.

Suffice to say, this haunted house is wickedly fun– and scary!– and the perfect place to bring that brave, I-never-get-scared friend of yours for a good scream or two.

Watch in wonderment as the historic Fort Zachary Taylor (which was already a little creepy to begin with, if you don’t mind us saying so) is transformed into a haunted house of epic and ancient proportions. There’s something to terrify everyone inside…and we’re not just saying that because we have a tendency to jump at any sudden movement.

We especially love that the green outside the Fort becomes a special “Open-Air Theater of Chills,” where classic black and white horror films are shown on a big screen to the delight of young and old.  With a concession stand as well, there’s fun and refreshments to  enjoy for the whole evening. There’s even a Vampire’s Ball this weekend!

A full schedule of haunted house hours and events at Fort Zach during Fantasy Fest can be found over at http://www.hauntedkeywestfort.com/


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