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Isaac Update

We’d like to take a moment to say thank you for all your kind words as we prepared for Tropical Storm Isaac this weekend. We are happy to report that Parrot Key Resort suffered no damage whatsoever from the storm. (We especially enjoyed seeing locals dress up in their hurricane finest as they headed out to Duval St. on Saturday night!)  If you have plans to visit this week or for Labor Day Weekend, you will experience no interruption in your visit at our resort due to the storm. Safe travels, we’ll be happy to see you when you arrive!

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Our favorite way to beat the heat here in Key West…

We’re used to a little humidity here at Parrot Key Resort. Summertime in the Florida Keys is a truly tropical affair, with daily temps ranging from sultry to flat-out sticky. We like to think that all that extra moisture keeps our skin looking young (and our air conditioning bills looking scary.)

 But when the forecast says that the 70% humidity we’re currently weathering isn’t expected to break all evening, we pack a bag and head out. Out onto the water, that is.

Did you know that there are a variety of cruises for every price point that leave daily & nightly here in Key West? From big party catamarans with open bars and music, to intimate sailboats that bring you front row to one of our famous sunsets, there’s a boat for every taste, wallet and whim. Why not grab your family and head out on a 2-hour snorkle tour? Or tell the wife that the two of you are going dancing tonight…with an ocean breeze to go alongside that live band you’ll be swinging to. Kids will love a fascinating glass-bottom boat tour over the reef, while normally-sullen teens tend to go crazy for one of the Ultimate Adventure tours that include so many activities (parasailing, jetski-ing and a giant inflatable ice berg, anyone?) that they’ve been known to actually put down their cell phones for once. We’re especially fond of the champagne sailing trips that pair gorgeous wooden schooners with endless glasses of bubbly. The choices are endless.

Whether it’s a private dinner cruise for two or a $40 booze cruise for 50, Key West’s waterfront has a variety of ships with competitive pricing to satisfy any desire and budget. Just swing by our front desk and ask one of our friendly agents to help you pick which boat best fits your needs. And remember: no matter how hot it is out by the pools, it’s always cooler on the water!


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Hot way to start off your week….

Today’s temperatures are supposed to hit 90+, and with the UV index at a sky high 11, you’ll want to keep a close eye on any exposed skin– reapply often to avoid burns, and make sure the only lobsters on your vacation are those on your plate at A&B Lobster House!

All is quiet on the island front here in Key West, as our little town gears up for the big Fourth of July fireworks show happening this Wednesday at 9:00pm. In the meantime, why not head down to one of the public grills at Higgs Beach or Fort Zachary Taylor and have a pre-Fourth BBQ? Sounds good to us! And with tonight’s temperatures expected to hover around 80 degrees, it might be the perfect night to take one of Key West’s famous ghost tours. We’re getting chills just thinking about it…

Happy Monday, everyone!

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Key West Weather Report

After ten days of almost nonstop gloomy weather the forecast is looking carefully optimistic for the rest of the week, with partial sunny days on the schedule for this upcoming weekend. Winds should continue to die down through the week, going from 25mph today to a respectable 10mph or so on Sunday. The likelihood of rain won’t disappear completely, but the precipitation chance does seem to be on its way down, with today’s 60% chance of rain falling to a 10% chance by Saturday. That means patches of sun and blue sky should become more frequent, so get ready to dash over to the beaches at the first sign of sun! And when in doubt, duck into one of Key West’s fabulous museums or indoor gardens for a bit of a rain break. We love the Butterfly Conservatory, Casa Antigua, the Little Truman White House and even the occasional midday screening at the Tropic Cinema. Have fun out there!

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Weather Report: Weekend of 6/14 – 6/17

This weekend’s weather report is looking to be a continuation of much of the same forecast we’ve had throughout the week, with temperatures creeping slowly upwards and the chance of rain hovering between 10% and 30%. Today looks like the perfect beach day, with sunny skies and partial clouds scheduled for the rest of the day. Scattered thunderstorms move in over the weekend, sure to add some necessary relief to the scorching temperatures.

The UV index for the next four days is rated an extreme 11, so please be cautious and remember to wear & reapply sunscreen religiously. Let’s make sure that the only lobster sighted on your vacation is a dinner entree, and not someone’s loved one!

Enjoy the beautiful weather…

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Weather Forecast, May 21-27th

This week’s weather continues its erratic run, with scattered thunderstorms predicted to break up the sunshine. Tuesday looks to be one of the wettest, with a 60% chance of precipitation all day. Thursday should be clearer, and might be the perfect day to steal away to one of Key West’s beaches for a few rays of sun. Going into the weekend the rain looks to be sticking around, with precipitation hovering at about 50%. This is a great week to take a few museum tours or even catch a haunted trolley ride through Old Town! When it’s especially wet, we love sneaking away to the Butterfly Conservatory, whose glassed-in aviary and greenhouse is the perfect refuge from stormy weather. Or else taking in a show at one of Key West’s various performance spaces — from classical theatre to drag show extravaganzas, there’s something to please everyone every night of the week.

To learn more about which activity might suit you best, speak to your friendly front desk agents.

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Weekly Weather Report, May 14-20

It’s that time of year in Key West, when weather reports begin to forecast hot, sunny skies– with a chance of thunderstorms hovering at around 30% daily. Don’t fret! This doesn’t mean you need to start unpacking the board games and scheduling rainy day trips to the movies. Here in the tropics, it’s not unusual for there to be a 30% chance of rain each day. When they do occur, these brief thunderstorms are usually a quick, intense burst of rain that never interrupts the day for very long. In fact, they’re usually quite refreshing!

With humidity levels usually hovering around 70%, it can feel like you’re swimming down Duval Street…until a short break of rain swoops in to cool everything down. So when you see the weather report calling for scattered storms, don’t cancel your day at the beach– just bring a dry towel and relax, sit back and enjoy the show. It’ll be over in a minute or two, and that blazing sun will be back to dry you off in a jiffy. It’s the island way!

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Break out the SPF…

This week is shaping up to be hot and brutally humid, with temperatures expected to stay within the 80’s and the humidity forecasted at almost 80%! The perfect week to take a stroll down to the waterfront and hop onto one of the day boats heading out on the water, or to enjoy a classic cuban coffee– iced, of course! Your concierge friends at the front desk have a list of the perfect sunny day activities for you and your loved ones to enjoy. Just remember to load up on the sunblock and stay hydrated. For a day at the beach, nothing beats Fort Zachary Taylor, Key West’s favorite beach. With opportunities for picnicking, swimming, snorkeling, fishing, hiking and more, it’s a wonderful place to take advantage of these pristine, sweltering days!

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This Week’s Weather Forecast

Pull out the sunblock and pack your beach bag — it’s going to be a hot one! This week is going to be perfect for catching some rays at Fort Zachary Taylor or catching up on your reading by one of the pools at Parrot Key. Highs in the 80’s with nighttime lows not far behind, this is prime flip-flop & tank-top weather. Why not take the kids down to Flamingo Crossing for a homemade ice cream (a local’s favorite) or zip on over to the White Street Fishing Pier and enjoy the breezes coming off the water? If the sun gets to be too much, head into the Key West Butterfly & Nature Conservatory to take a rest and enjoy an oasis off Duval’s hustle and bustle. Don’t forget to stay hydrated and load up on that SPF…nothing throws a wrench into vacation plans like a scorching sunburn! And remember: Sunset Celebration, Key West’s nightly arts & music celebration, is happening every night over at Mallory Square.

Have a wonderful week!

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Today’s Weather at Parrot Key

It is 72°F and sunny right now at Parrot Key, with some gusting winds from the northeast.  There was a light rain in the early morning, which has left some moisture on all of the plants in our garden and sunning area.  This week is expect to stay sunny with some partial clouds forming mid week, periodically producing showers at night.  The wind is expected to kick up to almost 3o kts today and tomorrow, and then die down later this week to 5-10 kts.  Fishing is very hot right now, particularly for barracuda and reef species, so if you can brave the slightly higher than normal winds, this is the time to book a trip.  Sunset tonight is at 5:38 pm, expect performances at mallory square to start around 4.

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